"Knowing another language is like having a second soul"

Carlo Magno

Want to learn a new language?

Language & Consulting can provide You real help in achieving this important goal thanks to:
- professional, competent and flexible staff: our Italian and mother-tongue teachers are highly qualified, possess a Degree in Foreign Languages and/or Diplomas for teaching languages as foreign languages and have a proven teaching experience;
- espertise in different fields of language application and excellence in the results achieved;
- use of best and most advanced technologies available for language learning;
- continuous renovation and innovation

Language training courses


which languages?

Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Romanian, Chinese, Arabic, Italian for foreigners.


which field?

- Specialist courses
- Courses for the preparation of specific language certificates
- Language courses for children from 2 years of age


which level?

CEFR level A - beginner
CEFR level B - intermediate
CEFR level C - advanced


how many people per group?

Lessons can be either individual or in small groups (max 5 people per group).



At our office, at Your office or by teleconference (Skype)


who are our Courses intended for?

Student, employee, housekeeper or teacher, no matter who You are and what level of training You may have received. We will support You through all stages of learning.

Check your level






Studying abroad


What kind of courses?

You can choose among courses intended for children from 8 to 18 years old, courses for adults, courses in preparation for specific exams (TOEFL, IELTS, ...), group Executive courses, individual courses (even at the teacher's house) and specialized courses.



In colleges and schools recognized by the local Ministry of Education - possibility of homestay and accommodation in students’ residences


In which countries?

In Great Britain, Ireland, France, Russia, Spain and Germany

Reading groups, workshops and club activities

You have the opportunity to join reading groups and many other activities which we periodically propose in order to help You develop “passive” comprehension skills as well as oral production abilities.

You need a translation or legalization of translations? And in a short time?

With a staff of over 100 expert translators, highly trained on specific subjects and linguistic areas, Language & Consulting stands for professionalism and absolute precision for all kinds of translations. Language & Consulting guarantees strict confidentiality and delivery within the agreed time.


We can provide translations in over 100 language combinations. In particular, we manage the following languages:

European languages

• English • French • German • Spanish • Portuguese


Other European languages:

• Dutch • Norwegian • Swedish • Finnish • Danish • Polish • Czech • Slovak • Hungarian • Bulgarian • Romanian • Ukrainian • Latvian • Lithuanian • Estonian • Bosnian • Croatian • Serbian • Slovenian • Albanian • Greek


Non-European languages:

• Russian • Arabic • Swahili • Afrikaans • Turkish • Persian • Punjabi • Chinese • Cantonese • Japanese • Thai

Types of translations

Language & Consulting performs various kinds of translations, in particular:
technical translations
advertising translations
business translations
financial translations
legal translations
scientific translations
literary translations
Legalization and Apostille service translation for the Ordinary Court of Brescia;
Unwinding service (transcription and hard-copy translation of audio material).

Tools used

Translation Memory: It consists of systems that "remember" the translations performed for the Client and allow reuse of sections or even short paragraphs whenever they may recur, even though slightly changed, in future documents. These systems enhance the terminology and style consistency as well as helping to reduce costs and preparation times of the translations.
Specific software for the management of corporate terminology: Language & Consulting uses specific software to create and maintain specific glossaries for each Client. The goal is to promote clarity and consistence in communicating in various languages.
Management of the different formats Translations can be made directly by overwriting the original document provided by the customer so as to reduce time and costs which the re-layout of documents requires. We can handle a variety of formats, in particular:
• Microsoft Word • QuarkXpress • Adobe Indesign • Adobe Illustrator • Adobe FrameMaker • Macromedia Freehand • Adobe PageMaker • AutoCad • html

Requesting a quote and delivery times

Do not hesitate to contact us! We will answer You back as soon as possible

You have to meet the Customer and need an interpreter? Are You organizing a conference and need a simultaneous translation service? Your employee is supervising a site abroad for over a month and does not speak the local language?

Language & Consulting provides high-quality interpreting services for all kinds of events in Italy and abroad.

Kinds of interpreting services

In particular, the kinds of interpreting services provided are as follows:
• Interpreting for business meetings and company visits
• Simultaneous interpreting (classical method and bidule)
• consecutive interpreting
• whispered interpreting
• telephone interpreting
An interpreting service is available to / from the following languages: Russian, English, Spanish, French, German, Czech, Romanian, Chinese and Japanese.

Request a quote

Do not hesitate to contact us! We will answer You back as soon as possible.

You need to send e-mails, to make phone calls and to video-conference in a language You do not know but do not think is the right moment for Your Company to take in staff speaking that language?

Language & Consulting supports You in these contacts so as to allow You to better follow Your Clients without losing business opportunities!

We will provide real-time translations of Your email and we will contact Your partner in real time, just like a foreign branch office of Your company. After a short training to learn more about Your Company and products, our staff can guarantee You competence, seriousness and strict confidentiality. This multilingual secretarial service is available in English, Spanish, French, German and Russian.

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